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Theft of electricity caused by bad cable connection fault

Head west of the town of Longhua District, Pu Cun , hundreds of residents of the home due to a sudden increase in voltage, the case of a large number of appliances to be burned. 6, reporter learned from the electricity sector, Haikou, after investigation, found a sudden increase in voltage is someone stealing electricity, the wrong end of the low voltageExhaust hoods transformer connected to the line of fire due to the zero line.

According to reports, hundreds of residents at home first Pu Cun voltage 2 at 8 pm to 11 pm a sudden increase, a large number of appliances to be burned, Xiuying the staff of in-depth on-site power and damaged homes in the user survey found that Pu Cun original head using a power transformer, due to the user increases, consumption increases and other reasons, to 2 transformers. 2 night, someone will one of the low voltage side transformerVent hoods   electrical wires connected to another end of Pirates of the transformer low-voltage power, only to shift the zero line received the wrong line of fire, so that some users also become zero line firing line, the voltage from the 220V into 380V, so a large number of appliances were destroyed.

Because there is no on-site electricity theft suspects arrested, authorities are currently investigating the matter further, the electricity sector has sent e Island hood ach household in depth, statistical burned electrical losses, and further processing.
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