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Thick winter clothes shopping beware of "tweezers to help."

There are more than 20 days is the New Year's Day, and next year's Spring Festival is also earlier than usual number. "Two" is approaching, all kinds of pickpocket theft is a high incidence; and now also a time when winter is the public use of fire, electricity peak. Previous years, this time, all kinds of security problems frequently occur, when the wallet was stolen shopping, home into a thief, accidents with gas appliances ... From now on, open up the Slim hoods  newspaper "Green had 'two'" part, asked the police, fire, etc. stakeholders on various security issues Weapon, so that the public peace had "two."

Getting lower and lower winter temperatures, more and more people wearing thick, New Year, Spring Festival and the upcoming, active in shopping malls, buses, the "tweezers to help" have begun to cast "Kung Fu" was. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Anshan police, only 3 and 4, police arrested two other people to use large tweezers, pick-pocketing money and the suspect. Police remind the public, go shopping or take the bus, be sure to pay attention to good care of their property.

According to the police, every winter is the high incidence of pickpocketing cases. As the temperature is low, people wearing thick, relatively lower for the feelings of the outside world, pickpockets took advantage of this, the display "tweezers effort" to take the victim's money and secretly folder. Currently, police have deployed a large numberStainless steel hoods  of police, in front of the station and other places around the shopping mall or bus, secretly pocketing operations. 3 and 4, police patrol in the mall, was arrested two men, they are using large forceps victim's money and goods.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters and police investigators linked, police say they are being closely monitored suspicious business on the street moves. However, using large forceps pickpocket crime, time is very short, often tens of seconds to complete. Police want to caught red-handed, it is not easy.

Police said the public to go shopping, to improve their prevention capabilities is very important. How to guard against pickpockets display "tweezers effort" mean? Actually, it is very simple. Pickpockets between a term called "sleep." MeansGlass hood  that the goal was to track awareness is poor, and even a little awareness and no, you can start up. . Strong awareness for those people who, pickpockets are known as "awake." The implication is that they are hard to track goals against a strong sense that they can not start, the general will immediately give up goals, re-select a new target.

The police remind the public, either shopping or to the supermarket shopping, spiritual head to foot point, do not give pickpockets opportunities. Prevent the "tweezers to help" the most important point is that heavy coat or trouser pocket not to put money, women's direct exposure to zip the bag do not put wallet. Should carry a pocket wallet on the Chimney hoods inside layer of pocket. Bag or Messenger bag in person for a long time, to put himself within sight, not on the side or behind. Besides shopping, the attention is not all concentrated in the goods, to stay a little attention to guard against pickpockets.
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