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Sweet xue electric group party branch established

    Recently, in order to strengthen the enterprise party construction, and give full play to the role of the party branch fighting forts and party member's cutting edge exemplary role, of China quality test association group member unit of sweet xue electric group Co., LTD. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the party constitution ", the industry  gathering Range hoods area steering committee approval, was officially established by the CPC henan sweet xue home appliance science and technology limited company branch committee, in recent days held all party member congress, elected the new branch committee. The party branch committee Cooker hoods composed of three, comrade ZhaoPeng any branch secretary, ZhangShuAn comrade of any publicity, the door of organization of comrade sun. The branch has two group: comrade LiuXiaoQin executive group leader, ZhuLiJie comrades as workshop group leader. The meeting, branch secretary ZhaoPeng comrades on how to strengthen and improve enterprise party construction, good Kitchen hood enterprise ideology political works, better play to the party member's cutting edge exemplary role has given the important speech. He stressed: one is to take a variety of forms, and the increased publicity, planning to develop some activities; 2 it is to set up strove to be the leadership group, to strengthen the strove to be leadership, form deep strove to be atmosphere; Three is to strengthen the Exhaust hoods construction of grass-roots organization and actively cultivate absorbing the advanced elements, especially a line workshop young employees membership; Four is to strengthen enterprise ideology political works, bring the party's political advantage, set up the respect one idea, for the development of the company to do more contribution.
    Take this, branch and solemnly declare, because for rush, Vent hoods the party member quantity statistics are incorrect, hope the ministries and room, workshop ready to party member statistics, timely report branch. At the same time, hope all staff actively submit application for membership, strive for join the party organization at an early date, make the company the party member troop expands unceasingly.
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