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The beauty of the first batch of countries that technological innovation demonstration enterprise

    A few days ago, the ministry of industry and information, the ministry of finance issued jointly by the state as the technical innovation demonstration enterprise list, midea group with leading technology level and persistent spirit of innovation, become 55 house national technical innovation demonstration one of enterprise.
    According to information, national technical innovation that includes a model enterprise core competitive ability and leading role, with sustaining innovation ability and r&d spending, with industry role in driving the sex and the independent brand, has strong profit ability and high management level, and has strong technical capability, the application of new innovative development strategy and the innovative culture six basic standard.
    Five years yuan investment in science and technology
    The group can get so outstanding technical achievement, Island hood cannot leave the persistent technology study. According to information, beauty products from each department under the strategic emphasis on technology innovation, every year in technology research and development input on the accounts of the revenue 3% to 5%. In just the past the "eleventh five-year plan" period, beauty of the group as a whole investment in science and technology, more than 10 billion yuan. At the same time, the group since 1996, held every year on talent to science and technology activities, the total investment amount of scientific and technical prizes of more than $70 million, in the range of subsidiaries in creating a strong science and technology innovation atmosphere. "Sustainable, stable investment in science and technology, guarantee the group's creative ability of science and technology in the industry always go   top." The chairman and chief executive of the electric FangHongBo said.
The group established to control technology as the core of the market competitive power, a number of technical achievement with independent intellectual property rights, and the overall technology level is in a leading position in the industry. With frequency conversion air conditioning as an example, the frequency conversion air conditioning, established a completely independent intellectual property rights of the frequency conversion air conditioning technology chain, from frequency conversion control chip, frequency conversion control algorithm, dc frequency Slim hoods compressor, brushless dc motor, to the manufacturing process and frequency conversion quality management, beautiful are formed a unique technology innovation wisdom. Look to the whole China KongDiaoYe, to achieve a truly frequency conversion motor, compressor, the integration of the matching enterprise, with frequency conversion strategy of the enterprise supply chain, only beautiful to do business the "only" and "first".
    Four hundred million make refrigeration research institute
    In order to maintain the leading technology advantage, the group set up a perfect development agency, set the global cutting-edge technology talent, leading technology innovation front. 2010-2011, the United States of increasing investment in science and technology, investment of 400 million yuan was huge refrigeration research institute. According to introducing, beautiful buildings including research institute of refrigeration building, test building, leisure culture building of trinity research park, with a total area of 40000 square meters. Represents the advanced science and technology, research and development ability of the total laboratory test building only equipment investment came near to the 200 million yuan, planning laboratory 89, at present has been put into use 25. The laboratory has the world's leading refrigeration product testing and analysis system, joint research and development laboratories etc, to safeguard the scientific research work.
    According to information, by August 2011, the refrigeration Stainless steel hoods institute accumulative total more than 4000 items of to apply for A patent, patent over 800 pieces, host and participate in the national standard of 77 revision, the industry standard of 114, and won the 4 A level standardization good behavior enterprise confirmation.
    Science and technology convoy of energy saving and emission reduction
National technical innovation demonstration enterprise, but also essential in energy conservation and emission reduction in reducing energy consumption with strong demonstrative effect. The group has been pursuing green development strategy, in a formal released to five years of strategic planning, and puts forward the "1025" period, the United States will be to "low carbon, energy saving, green, environmental protection, intelligent" as the development theme. Such as beautiful developed using clean energy solar frequency conversion air conditioning, creative use the dc must grid method, realize the "solar power priority in use, insufficient power by the utility added" dynamic technical solutions, the sun when fully use the solar power, when solar power is weak, the utility seamless, smooth cut added, give full play to the advantages of energy saving and Glass hood emission reduction technology; And all 6 F ROM the emperor almighty series refrigerator, its efficiency index, noise, load temperature rise, cooling ability, the cooling speed and frozen food storage quality six indexes in an industry leading level, all the efficiency index reached a new national standard level 1 energy; The washing machine, all the emperor ROM frequency conversion roller can realize garment water quantity, water saving effective; At the same time the energy utilization rate to make, for maximum energy into the washing machine operation power, energy saving.
    As the first countries to the technology innovation demonstration Chimney hoods enterprise one of the, the group will play an active role in driving the demonstration, construction with the orientation of market, combination of production enterprise technology innovation system in China, the "home appliance powers" to "home appliance powers" of change, a demonstration role model.

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