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To the technology won by the quality to break

      From the end of the 2011 China before meeting electrical appliance industry news, in the traditional sales season October, three big "white home appliance" air conditioning, the refrigerator, washing machine sales year-on-year drop all trend. Similarly, with 30% growth in 2010 TouFangE and success in CCTV's gold resources advertised bidding second home appliances, but in the 2011 rankings dropped to fifth. Two aspects of the complicity to pointed to the industry of the year end downward trend.
In the overall environment not optimistic, home appliance enterprises have to cut production by put on the agenda, the contraction become "from the cold winter" defense choice, Siemens home appliance is the woes, increase the r&d and production in the Range hoods input analyzed, the properties of product to a new stage, and marketing model made new breakthrough, German quality of the Chinese consumers continue to win the highly recognized and are widely favored.
      Siemens home appliance is taking a seemingly simple but hard to replicate management wisdom, the quality of a continuation of the legendary German in China.
      The environmental protection practice Siemens all show ecological home appliance
      The first-class enterprise do standards, second-class enterprise technical, third-class enterprise do products. In fact, as a first-class enterprise, grasp all well. Siemens home appliance is always so "unceasingly by the independent innovation, physically in energy conservation and environmental protection" first-class model.
      From the first realize landmark preservation zero Cooker hoods biological technology, to the first breakthrough vacuum zero preservation technology, to today's annual the Chinese electrical appliances as energy saving products of innovative vacuum star awards fresh freezing technology, Siemens refrigerators continuously break keeping food fresh record at the same time, they are constantly wrote a energy conservation and environmental protection technology milestone.
      And with the 2011 Siemens refrigerators nanjing r&d center the start of the project, Siemens future will depend on the nanjing, Turkey, Germany three research and development center, the integration of the global wisdom, provide a specific service for Chinese consumers. At the same time, Siemens is actively promote energy conservation design, discussion refining China currently refrigerator energy efficiency hierarchies of system.
      In practice in kind of low carbon at the same time, Siemens and in energy conservation and environmental protection concept of promotion to leave in household electrical appliance industry best, comprehensive claims the balance of the overall energy saving consciousness, reasonable resources occupied, no environmental negative effects.
      Quality of Siemens excellent quality reputation Kitchen hood advocates to the next
Since entering the China market, Siemens always adhere to the quality winning, always adhering to the innovation spirit leading international home appliance trends, and constantly high product to the consumers.
      Siemens home appliance annual work this year-Siemens vacuum zero preservation refrigerator, using the latest upgrade vacuum zero preservation technology, with vacuum tank and zero room two big preservation weapon, the moisture as high as 90%, not only can firmly chains flavor of fresh, more can avoid the loss of nutrition, for the people to return home to rush about fatigue, and provides a delicate slow life.
      And in order to ensure that such high-end products can meet the needs of continuously, more the refrigerator industry meet the arrival of the era of high-end, a top production could reach 5.2 million units for the production line, 16 Siemens high-end refrigerator base--bo Sherwood appliances (anhui) Co., LTD, recently in anhui chuzhou based in 2013, and formally put into production. In the future, it will and nanjing new refrigerator a research and development center, the quality of products for Siemens ascension and the expansion of market sales lay a more solid hardware reserves.
      Fashion technology leader Siemens leading top era
      Along with the development of the trend of internationalization,Exhaust hoods the transformation of Chinese consumption idea, the refrigerator is no longer had the square box image inflexible, instead, to the appearance of the beautiful, is fashionable design and function of human nature to strive.
      In 2011, always with slow and steady, low-key inside collect is famous for Siemens was keenly smell the youth breath, launched a new move the champagne of refrigerator, and the trend of the leading top three, to open the door, such as the large capacity than the refrigerator.
      At the same time, 2011 years in marketing, Siemens is seeking a second opinion, borrows the new media, big play "civilian" marketing. With the launch of the new type vacuum zero this year fresh refrigerator, for example, Siemens on one hand through the use of feeling, let users know the trendy Siemens refrigerators and keeping fresh of technology, on the other hand through the "fish" an example relates to the distance of consumer of elements and cause concern, with a kind of living form properly foil gives "fresh" theme. At present, only less than two years, Siemens has a new refrigerator by media marketing layman, change as a professional new media marketer, become the Chinese electrical appliances industry new marketing model enterprise.
      2011 is the tenth anniversary of China's entry into wto, Vent hoods is China's overall sales revenue from house electric appliance 170 billion yuan to 1.04 trillion yuan, export trade by $6.929 billion to $150 billion the brilliant ten years. Ten years the result obtain the easy come, on the reform and opening up, by the international brand such as Siemens in China to become the market operations, and they made in China to teach a valuable experience.
      Looking ahead to 2012, Siemens electrical appliances will be in energy conservation, environmental protection, brand quality and fashionable avant-courier on unconventional, to Chinese customers provide a more value products and better quality of service
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