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Think about the future of intelligent TV

      When Microsoft, Google, apple, Intel, dell, etc. The company began his cloud TV layout, of course--may be different, but the meaning is the same, is the future of intelligent TV. What will the pattern development iTV is what kind of? Cloud TV or intelligent TV or in fact and all of the future is a fantasy of television, of course, including 3 D, 3 D open or other 3 D let it be, including Internet television, and so on. Lenovo in offering its own music Phone and Pad after plans to launch its own music TV, and apple's iPhone and iPad later, also in building iTV. Google is also interested in Internet TV industry have their own ideas and trace.
      We all took television, as his next development keyIsland hood to layout, this also explain a problem, that is in the Internet, smartphone besides, the future of television, or people entertainment and life of a top priority. Though once time by computer and TV smart phones out is very severe. But as a common family the best entertainment carrier, TV or home a favorite entertainment terminal, is also the most users, the most widely used a terminal. It is only when technology is more and more progress after, the content of the television carrier has surpassed our understanding of the conventional and began to the more diverse the direction of development, such as 3 D, the introduction of the vod programs such as the appear, for instance again lead into the Internet by, link more end products, and form a family intelligent central, this is the future of the development of TV a direction.
      The author thinks that, and the future of television is Slim hoods more than just a TV show terminal, more integration of performance and the function of the more terminal, not only can replace the computer, also can go beyond mobile phones and normal telephone, Internet calling function on TV if direct present, still need what visual telephone? And the future of television will be more intelligent, also can be used as a family at the end of the intelligence information center. More cohesive and directives can be through the TV remote control to achieve, or set up a central control unit, the TV, the computer, the notebook and tablet computer, smart appliances, mobile phone, telephone and so on all include come in. The main video content and image display, and entertainment project through the television show the platform, and as a family of informatization of total control table. Remote control each terminal and intelligent household devices.
      Cloud TV, actually has started in our daily life is Stainless steel hoods demonstrated. More intelligent, more stronger entertainment effect, this is the development of the television a kind of tide and thinking. On the market at present there have been some 3 D TV products began to emerge. For example, we see the haier global the first to launch koala TV, man-machine interactive intelligent TV innovative products, and introduced a global starting 3 D cloud TV. We see haier 3 D TV is characteristic of the cloud??????? We see, haier 3 D TV markets and in other clouds of TV product is different, the use of a "a cloud, three nets, N end" design elements, "cloud" sets the global advanced mobile Internet, such as cloud computing technology, to achieve TV, mobile phones, computers and the Internet, wide power grid, networking and so on the many kinds of things the interconnected network, covering the current home users for cloud service almost all of demand. Not only that, but also USES the advanced family Internet technology, through the open cloud service platform, "a key type" automatic control to cloud the household appliances Internet TV primarily, the interaction, the handling, satisfy consumers' entertainment, work, life and other multiple of differentiated demand.
      Haier 3 D TV will be for the cloud of the world'sGlass hood leading 3 D hd technology and black auger screen technology application to color TV sets, solving the shutter 3 D screen flash and ordinary partial brightness, articulation attenuation, more real, clear way to realize the 3 D theater effect. Haier 3 D television unique global head of the cloud one inch 3 D special copy black auger screen than the similar product freshman inches (48, 43 inches), increase the visual area, make visual broader. Copy black auger screen technology, and the screen light penetration enhance, enhance focusing sex, effective overcome traditional shutter type 3 D screen flash and Angle limit, brought to consumer not astigmatism, glare resistant, wide vision 3 D visual feast. In his house to enjoy 3 D big sense and experience has become a reality, do not have to go to cinema to enjoy this kind of feelings.
      It is reported, the content networking "1025" development Chimney hoods plan of the audit process is walked the last, is expected to release soon. Visualization networking have already walked into our life, to our life in the future will bring more influence. The so-called content networking technology, is through the network realization content and material, objects and people, interpersonal information communication, will the existing Internet information between people spreading scope amplifier, this will be an important feature of the society in the future. We see in haier has to make his whole network information platform, and through the high degree of integration of multiple terminal to form his own a complete system. At present, haier embellish eye and laptop computers, cloud Phone, HaiPad, and white electrical home appliances, hardware the end products. Through these advantages, ensure the haier "cloud family" compatibility, stability, leading, and allow the "people in the outside, home is on the side; in the home, the world is in sight" dream into reality.
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