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      Speaking of safe use of fuel gas, I have two deep feelings. That, my sister to my house and catch up with no water in the thermos, I will call her to burn a pot of water on the stove. Home cooking range is electric spark, she tweaked once came in the room,Island hood but for a long while no water to boil. I went out to see the look, the results just into the kitchen can smell a gas smell, then realized it turns out she just hit the fire didn't even lit. I hurriedly switch shut, then shout together all the family the Windows and doors are open, wait until no flavor to the dare to boil water. This matter remind us, cooking range in the strike sure to see fire lit to leave, and will always be.
      The other thing is, we just days before the unit organized a Slim hoods safety knowledge training. In the training to the gas fire said after some emergency measures, most people know that the gas fire to close the valve for the first time, and then ventilation. But if there is no way to close the valve's case? Used in most of the family also is the most convenient way is, use a wet towel to cover your fire place, and promptly ventilation. The teacher training is to remind everybody, if the fire out in a flat after, so be careful, don't leak in nearby cell phone use, Stainless steel hoods or even eliminate all produce static behavior, because it's easy to explode, so alarm watch site.
      It reminds all gas safety is often ignored two points, the hope can bring you some help.
Gas experts comment on: users once found gas leak, Glass hood should take immediate four measures: one, immediately shut off the gas before the table JieMen, cut off gas source; Second, immediately ventilated, reduce the concentration of the gas leak; Three, don't turn on the light, make a phone call, don't open and close any electrical equipment, prevent sparks produce; Four, outside to the customer service telephone call gas report 23006777, promptly eliminate risks.
      In addition to the more attention is: if it is found that the Chimney hoods neighbors have a flat, also do not press the neighbor's the doorbell, in order to avoid electrostatic, sparks production. Want to knock at the door, suggesting that its correct treatment.
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