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Entity shop both

      Exchange sales entity to grow to 350 billion by 75.5 billion scale, electronic business sales scale from 2 billion to 300 billion yuan of growth. This is su ning electric equipment (002024 SZ) to set myself for the next 10 years development target.
      In this "in the outside looking in some radical" "new decade strategy" behind, su ning electric equipment is chairman of the near east zhang "achievement world-class enterprise" ambition. However, the expansion of the default su ning also show the path, the face of the fierce competition, will extend to the city from the center of town, from home Range hoods appliance extended to department stores, from offline extended to online, from domestic extended to international.
      To this, an industry experts to our reporter cautiously, "if economic environment, running up the consumption of home appliance year compound growth to stay above 10%, su ning strategic goals is also possible."
      Entity shop continues to expand
      Su ning electric equipment SunWeiMin deputy chairman told the reporter, "su ning electric equipment preparation for the next 10 years, from planning began in March 2008, in LuoLanBeiGe, deloitte, with the assistance of the outside brain, by the end of 2010 basic shape."
      In early 2010 acquisition of Hong Kong laser electric appliance, su ning once threw a 3500 home entity shop plan, in early 2011, SuNingYi purchase and put forward "recreating a virtual su ning" goal. But its June 19 release such a detailed as high as 650 billion 10 years the strategic target, still sparked industry vibration.
      For now has 1500 home entity shop of su ning speaking, the future as long as a year to open 200 new stores, they are expected to achieve 3500 stores in 350 billion sales goals.
      According to the plan, su ning will in a second city continues to expand, the beijing-shanghai ear to the number of the deep four stores from the current 330 home the ascent to 670 home, and tianjin, wuhan, shenyang and second city stores quantity,Cooker hoods will rise from 268 home to 670.
      And the focus of future expansion su ning, will be three or four lines towns and cities. Su ning says, its will cover China 1785 "population of more than 100000, and the home appliance retail 100 million yuan of above" at the county level of the market, in at least three towns around the radiation of the market town center and jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong, shandong and fujian area township market developed in 500.
However, in the part of the supplier opinion, su ning "sink" plan will face challenges: a city don't need so many stores; And in three level 4 cities and towns, su ning not only to face the original chain, department stores and place of competition already poor Chinese gotten even Po orer, their low cost, mode of operation and more flexible, and, electrical home appliances manufacturers in the channel from there already well entrenched, for example, haier's days and the sales this year is expected to scale to more than 40 billion yuan.
      To this, su ning electric equipment President jinming says, "in the 1990 s, first, second level the city is also the world department store, but now? Su ning went down, who has cost and operation advantages, who will be the winner, we in the logistics, IT backstage, etc, should be ready to harvest, and other enterprises in preparation for."
      June 19,, suning appliance vice President JiangYong also first announced su ning overseas expansion plans: 2014 to 2015, with China's Hong Kong market Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other southeast Asia market; Kitchen hood Begin from 2016, with industry mergers and acquisitions, industry cooperation, industry strategy alliance as the main means to tap into the European and American market. By 2020, the overseas market sales account for 15% of overall sales.
Easy to buy the double the test
      Compared with the entity store, for the 2010 sales income, only 2 billion SuNingYi purchasing (electronic commercial platform) for, to complete the sales income 300 billion, ranking industry first, obviously is a more difficult task.
      Besides, SuNingYi purchase and will be su ning electric equipment transverse test-bed for expansion.
Jinming said, "in the future, SuNingYi purchase sales accounted for in home appliance, than 3 C products than will be 50% of 60%, with the other goods sales scale will exceed one hundred billion yuan." According to introducing, in addition to home appliance, SuNingYi buy the product line will also cover household, department store, book, audio and video, sports and outdoor, online legal education, consultation and service, etc.
      Three months this year from Shanghai general manager translated to easy purchase su ning of general manager LingGuoSheng says, SuNingYi buy the three-steps strategy will be: 2013 in high speed growth before the end of the year,, the compound annual growth rate above 180%, the income will break 60 billion yuan; 2014 to 2016 is leading period, will remain 80%-100% of the compound annual growth rate; 2017 to 2020 is the transformation of across, and will expand to Hong Kong, Japan, southeast Asia, etc, overseas sales reached 5%.
      For su ning speaking, development is the biggest advantage of online mall, the entity shop purchasing advantage, and logistics system support, however, SuNingYi purchase and entity shop of conflict, also has been outside as "su ning do Exhaust hoods easily purchase" main reasons.
      To this, jinming says, "the electronic commerce retail in the next 10 years will keep growing fast, su ning electric equipment is not the goal of madness. Of course, deal with the relationship between hypostatic store and buy, we are really important in the IT platform and logistics base will realize high share, but both sides of the conflict, and no external could guess serious."
30 billion the financial needs
      Suning the large expansion plans, of course, need a lot of money. A person familiar with the to our reporter says, to complete the established goal, su ning future 10 years of total expenditure will be more than 30 billion.
      "New 2000 home entity shop, financial need about 15 billion, logistics base input is at least a 10 billion, and the cost of the upgrade information platform, the need billions of." This personage calculated said.
      The reporter understands, the past eight years,  Vent hoods the total investment scale su ning only for 100 more than, and the total capital market is only from 7 billion financing. Obviously, su ning next 10 years still need to continue to support of the capital market. This might mean, it released on June 16, 5.5 billion yuan by the plan, just the beginning of the large-scale financing.
      However, su ning the secondary, did not get the public enlisting fund positive support, I even own a near east. 3.5 billion. To this, SunWeiMin response says"The secondary encounter cold, mainly is the market situation is not good. And as su ning electric equipment in the next 10 years, the release of strategy and market, warm, institutional investors won't consider su ning future investment returns."
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