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Air conditioning, the refrigerator and electrical appliances product structure adjustment was obvious progress

      "The upgrading of the industrial structure will be Range hoods a support household electrical appliance industry increase of the main power, more enterprise will increase product structure upgrade of devotion, in 2012 the high-end products of home appliance market will continue to be the hot to look forward to." China's household electric appliances association related experts say, to better promote industry technology innovation, and guide the development of the industry, according to air conditioning and refrigeration big market research understanding, China household electric appliances association in 2011 for the first time has formulated the Chinese household electrical appliances industry technology roadmap ". This map as a crystallization of the wisdom of the industry, energy saving, low carbon in environmental protection, performance,  Cooker hoods reliability, intelligent and proposed as industry goal.
      White home appliance field high-end tendency obvious. According to the monitoring data of kang yi, the first 10 months of this year, three, and open the door to more than the growth of the refrigerator continued the last year's rapid momentum, accumulative total retail sales growth of 34.8%, 39.4% and 17.4%; Platen washing machine's retail Kitchen hood sales share reaches as high as 44.9%, compared with BoLun washing machine is differred only 4.6%; Frequency conversion air conditioning of the market share of 47.4% retail, retail sales share of 54.6%, and the air conditioning that decide frequency have equal shares. And the China household electrical appliances industry technology roadmap formulation of home appliances for China's future will be determined the industrial development of the research and development goals and direction, and realize the goal of the technology industry clear path, key projects and the  Exhaust hoods market prospect, overall upgrade of industrial innovation ability and competition ability.
      "1025" period is China home appliances to speed it up by large to strong critical phase of the change. According to the reporter understands refrigeration letters, 2011 as "1025" beginning of the transformation of for home appliances which has special meaning. For the development of their own needs, plus market with the power DaoBi mechanism,Vent hoods  house electric appliance attention by the increase of the number of the attention of the optimization of the structure to the ascension of the quality, and focus on technology innovation to make profits, and to meet consumer demand, speed up the upgrade product structure adjustment made obvious progress.
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