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The kitchen appliances seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of

      "My family decorate a paragraph of six in the chengdu, kitchen and toilet, especially the kitchen, in addition to water and electricity transformation and the foundation decorates, also spent big price purchase full kitchen electric equipment." Island hood A is decorating a new friend told reporters. Indeed, in recent years, as people living standard rise ceaselessly, the kitchen appliances are equipped with perfect has become the important considerations family life quality indicators. Consumer demand to lead, kitchen appliance market showed strong growth momentum, product sales increased in successive years, participate in market competition brand is also more and more.
      According to information, stimulate kitchen appliances purchasing power to release is the main factor update demand and real estate rigid demand driven, two forces under the role, the kitchen appliances industry continues to expand the scale. Beijing kang yi time market research Co., LTD research data shows, oil absorption, kitchen burning gas, Slim hoods alexipharmic ark, dishwasher, microwave oven, electric coffee pot, juice extractor and other products category China market the total scale total more than 80 billion yuan. At the same time, the kitchen appliances industry development potential is tremendous, the next five years will be more than compound annual growth rate of 15%.
      Notable is, the whole kitchen appliance market growth focus is to transfer high-end products, industrial upgrading direction is clear. In addition to the energy conservation, the environmental protection, health, such as performance index climbed to the new level unceasingly, the kitchen appliances integration, intelligence, and vogue has also become bright development trend. At present the market sell like hot cakes on the kitchen appliances, not only can better in the kitchen environment, exterior design and ambry, decorate a style to bring out the best in each other, still maximum simplifies users' control steps, the function to realize a more convenient, detail design more humane. With China's sustained and rapid development of economy, people income level increases, consumer spending power of kitchen electric equipment is continued ascension, Stainless steel hoods nearly suction style oil absorption, oil absorption, European electronic control temperature electric meal bao, touch buttons induction cooker, electric steam type coffee pot and other high-end product, while the price is on the high side, but also gradually wins consumer recognition, become a hot market. Kitchen electric equipment production enterprise keen to grasp the market tendency, in the product development and market development trend of high-end highly anastomosis, new products, new category, new appearance, new technology emerge.
      The reporter understands, will be in March 2012 in Shanghai new international expo center of Chinese home appliance exposition held 2012 set the theme exhibition kitchen electric equipment, the committee wanted to build a good platform, promoteGlass hood the production field kitchen electric innovative products, the concept of innovation and promotion, strengthen the kitchen electric equipment production enterprise and channel dealers, the communication between consumers interactive, further pull kitchen electric equipment sales growth market tumbled.
      According to introducing, at present, ningbo square too kitchen utensils Co., LTD, bo west household appliances (China) Co., LTD, hangzhou boss electrical Co., LTD, guangdong and new electrical Co., LTD, guangdong WanGuLe gas stoves Co., LTD, kunshan mo card kitchen electric Co., LTD., undergraduate electric appliance Co., LTD. And other enterprise has determined the 2010 China home appliance exposition. To this, China's household appliances association deputy secretary-general anchorman has revealed: "compared with previous years, Chimney hoods the home appliance exposition, kitchen electric equipment exhibitors quantity, the exhibition area greatly increased. The kitchen appliances theme exhibition, exhibition halls in 4 kitchen electric equipment exhibition area actual has more than 3000 square meters. And haier, beautiful, Siemens, and so on the operation of the product line more brand also will be in their booth to create separate zone, show its kitchen appliance products."
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