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2011 technology innovation to promote the industry sudden refrigerator new "vitality"

      Apple is the soul of the Steve jobs has said, apple's prescription is not to reduce the production cost, apple's prescription is to use out of the current industry innovation predicament, come out a different development way.
      And apple mobile phone high-end strategy, the current China's household electrical appliance industry is in structure adjustment, the key period of transformation and upgrade, the mainstream refrigerator enterprise is trying to come to the construction of new technology innovation system and pattern of development growth.
      Technical innovation is a benevolent industry
      In the industry under the upheavals, the next two to three years,Range hoods our country refrigerator market will appear the stronger the strong and the weak were knocked out of the situation, this one but stressed that the "technology innovation" is the enterprise will be in the fierce competition in the market, to be able to become the market in China based on the refrigerator. It is thanks to that, China's current domestic refrigerator enterprises have increased technical innovation in the high-end strategy to upgrade.
In 2011, new-fly wiring to strengthen enterprise technology innovation, makes our refrigerator core technology reached new highs, and become the first through the Chinese electrical appliances institute countries antibacterial standard tests refrigerator enterprise. At present, the new brand BCD-249 EMB 8 types of refrigerator the antibacterial properties (escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus) test results, which conform to the national standard refrigerator antibacterial, the international advanced level. Also remove the fridge freezer of bad smell, extended the food of the last period, the technology innovation regression nature preservation technology.
      "The refrigerator good.new fly antibacterial, is listed widespread.i do products, conscientious, advancing with The Times to innovate the technical results. New-fly wiring plan next to the market more model the international leading antibacterial refrigerator."  Cooker hoods New-fly wiring the chairman RuanJianPing said, "in 2012, to new will continue to play professional advantages, continue to offer competitive products and services, we will continue to encourage through technology to improve, to improve productivity, consolidate and expanding in saving energy, new antibacterial, anti-staling refrigerator core technology advantage."
      And new-fly wiring main antibacterial, fresh brand, compared to 2011 in green energy saving of the refrigerator haier research and development on the continuous increasing investment. According to information, earlier this year, haier joint the United States launched the dow chemical, power consumption of just 0.19 degrees four seasons energy-saving refrigerator, than the market at present known energy-saving refrigerator saves 20% electricity, surpassing the global energy saving of the refrigerator "world record".
      Also, the refrigerator "four big family" beauty rhombohedrons electrical since 2011, has started saving energy technology, air cooling technology, wisdom, French innovation technology product development, preservation technology  Kitchen hood and integration development system layout of the project. And hisense refrigerator has pushed "intelligent" transition, will consumer electronics, multimedia field of techniques and white home appliance technology, and communications technology in a platform of fusion for refrigerator industry to find a breakthrough.
      The upgrading of the industrial structure is no time
      In order to promote the industry to go technology innovation, China household electric appliances association in 2011 for the first time has formulated the Chinese household electrical appliances industry technology roadmap ". This map as a crystallization of the wisdom of the industry, energy saving, low carbon in environmental protection, performance, reliability, intelligent and proposed as electrical appliance industry development goals.
      "The upgrading of the industrial structure will be aExhaust hoods support household electrical appliance industry increase of the main power, more enterprise will increase product structure upgrade of devotion, in 2012 the high-end products of home appliance market will continue to be the hot to look forward to." China's household electric appliances association secretary-general XuDongSheng said, white home appliance field high-end tendency obvious.
      According to a satisfying kang this year in the first 11 months of accumulative total retail sales statistical monitoring data, three, and open the door to more than the growth of the refrigerator continued the last year's rapid momentum, accumulative total retail sales growth of 26.49%, 32.40% and 13.41%. In market research director kang yi PengYu think, high-end refrigerator market in 2011 growth do not change, compared with 4.52% of the market by many times higher than the average growth rate, the enterprise strategy again confirm transfer high-end push industry structural upgrade determination.
According to information, "1025" period is China home appliances to speed it up by home appliance country to home appliance powers the key stage of change. At present, China's household electrical appliance industry is in structure adjustment, Vent hoods the key period of transformation and upgrade. No matter which city or rural markets and consumption trends are obviously the upgrade, home appliance  companies need to understand the general direction of development of the market, in order to is no time sense of urgency to promote technological innovation, product development, optimize industrial chain, and other work, and to improve the enterprise management level, to preemptive market opportunities, and for the next round of development and lay a solid foundation.
      "In the long run, only to consumer demand for its source, rely on technology innovation and break through ascension, the added value of the refrigerator, and thus can win wars high-end market." XuDongSheng think, "this is more need to enterprise by mining the intrinsic value of the products, pays special attention to the quality of the products, technology and excellent products and innovation to lead the consumption trend."
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