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Kitchen appliances industry in China has a huge potential for development

      The traditional sense of the kitchen just dietary production place, and now, the kitchen has not ambry, electrical and kitchen things simple piece together, but were relatively independent component optimization design, through the whole configuration, overall design, the overall construction functional and aesthetic and cultural fusion for one, Range hoods make, rationalize. Modern kitchen, be in the life of the an enjoyment, the kitchen the core part of the kitchen electric equipment belong to.
      ShangPu consulting household electrical appliance industry analysts pointed out that, in the future, our country kitchen appliances industry development will present 3 big trends:
      One is: the kitchen appliances industry is the traditional industry, the competition is fierce, city market has become quite common, and real estate regulation by the influence of the promulgation of the policy, the kitchen appliance market growth. Cooker hoods But with people demand continues to improve, new kitchen appliances will gets gradually the favour of people. In the future, the kitchen appliance market main growth point will mainly focus on high technology content, energy conservation and environmental protection of new kitchen electric products. But along with the national electrical appliances went to the country, the energy subsidies policy, the promulgation of the rural market demand will peatlands, future is great growth space.
      2: in recent years, people on the integral kitchen of growing demand, integral kitchen electric potential is tremendous, the industry will become domestic kitchen home appliance industry the next phase of another hot spot. On the other hand, the current, dishwasher, water purification equipment new kitchen appliance market overall ownership is lower, Kitchen hood the future, hutch electricity production enterprises should seize the opportunity of kitchen electric equipment renewal, accelerate new product concept of promotion. In the future, more kinds of new kitchen appliances will continue to come into consumers' family.
      Three is: the kitchen appliances brand Exhaust hoods pattern has already taken shape, second line brand survival pressure very obvious, every kitchen electric equipment to the construction of the market segment still take effort.
      According to ShangPu consulting issued in the 2009-2010 year China kitchen electric appliance investment project feasibility study report "shows: now, the kitchen appliances has become the second categories of electrical appliances. Vent hoods With the development of science and technology and the demands of the people, the kitchen appliances increasingly tend to high-end and intelligent. The next few years industry of kitchen electric equipment will enter the golden period of development. Estimated 2012 in 2015 to in will still keep the growth of 15% level. But it is worth noting that the current kitchen appliance variety, but the lack of unified planning and coordination, so the kitchen appliances for the future development of the main direction is integrated
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