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The electrical: continue to promote the internationalization process

      Beauty appliances (000527) the announcement, the company and the carrier to reach an agreement, the integration of family expenses air conditioning in India business and part of light commercial air conditioning business to a new company,Island hood  and the new initial investment capacity of about 1 million units. Of the new company, the company investment about 20 million us dollars, accounting for 60% of the equity, carrier investment about 13 million us dollars, accounting for 40% of the equity.
      The company in early 2011 has set up a file in the asean complete channel layout, in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and asean countries, the company independent brand has gradually obtained the self-identity of consumer. The company is also in five big emerging market composition 5 large area, in this 5 large area will be established corresponding sales company, close to the market in overseas, set up more agencies and the branches, Slim hoods  and has been in continue to consider purchase local brand, through acquisitions by a way "small step to go faster" promote globalization layout.
      2010 Indian family expenses air conditioning consumption of about 3.5 million Taiwan, until in 2010 began, in India's family air-condition consumption ratio began more than fig2.open-window air conditioning. India has a population of more than 1.2 billion, Stainless steel hoods  and the air conditioning consumption less than one over ten of China, we believe that the future will be a Indian air conditioning a considerable potential regional spending rose, the company in the joint venture with carrier common layout, also shows the importance of market development.
      Company in 2008 and established the carrier carrier refrigeration equipment company, the company's shares rate 60%. After the company and open in Egypt, Latin America through the joint venture company expand the further cooperation, Glass hood  combining this joint venture company established in India, show that the company has formed the carrier and the long-term strategic cooperation relationship. On the one hand to the internationalization of the company, the second carrier in the central air conditioning has quite deep accumulate, be helpful for the company in the central air conditioning field development.
      The company 2011 quarter for personnel, the rapid compression adjustment costs, business strategy to in order to protect the profit, structure first, Chimney hoods short-term refrigerators and washing machines sales growth performance in decline, adjust the time more than we could have expected, expected in 2012 after the first quarter will have significant results. Expect the company in 2011 and 2012, earnings per share were 1 yuan and 1.22 yuan. We maintain the company's "recommended" rating.
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