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Gree electric appliances for the new starting point by again on takeoff

        Gree electric appliances (000651 SZ) public shares A shares matters will formally come into effect in recently. The personage inside course of study thinks, the refrigeration field as a leading enterprise, gree electric appliances will be further promoted by the industry layout, promote development strength, consolidate the competitive advantage. Rely on brand tension, technical strength and channel leverage, gree electric appliances in the professional refrigeration equipment research and manufacture road is more walk more wide.
       Gree electric appliances 11 issued announcement, the company will be in January 13, public shares A stocks, issuing price of $17.16 per share, and issue A total of no more than 190 million shares, the total amount of funds raised to no more than 3.26 billion yuan. Since August 2010 disclosure by plan, August 2011,Island hood   through the CSRC audit, to January 2012 eventually take place. Gree electric appliances the shares, from brewing and implementation, spent a year and a half before and after a, gaining already for a long time, fully preparation.
        In fact, this is the gree electric appliances after four years in the second stock shares. By the end of 2007, gree electric appliances public shares A shares 29.52 million shares to raise capital of 1.16 billion yuan. The expansion by high frequency, Slim hoods  derived from the gree products of strong demand, it is the gree keeps growing portraiture. According to the company's annual report financial data, 2007 to 2010 four years, gree electric appliances with an average annual net profit growth levels as high as 58%, is considered A share market growth company model.
        It is reported, gree electric appliances the shares to raise funds will be all in commercial air conditioning, household air conditioning, the energy conservation environmental protection compressor and refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center and other projects. Industry study participants say, project implementation helps to reduce the capacity pressure, optimize product structure, strengthening the ability to form a complete set,Stainless steel hoods   upgrade the product quality and profit. Family expenses air conditioning in consolidating the company leadership at the same time, continue to expand commercial air conditioning and so on the new profit contribution source. All of the above project is expected to add postpartum company income 3.3 billion yuan, bring about $500 million net profit after tax. And according to understand, the company for the project has been part of the offering first use their own funds in the preparation, will gradually began to form a profit contribution.
        Notable is, to the shares as the turning point, the company expanded the industry layout depth and breadth of the context more clear. On one hand, Glass hood  the company sought industry deep integration, by keeping the core parts of the production and research and development, further mining industry value chain. The company in the compressor, motor, enamel-insulated wire and capacitance fields established subsidiary, core components in the field the achievement of most of the ZiGong, finish at the same time technology, research and development reserves.
        On the other hand, crosswise development related diversification, the family expenses air conditioning continue to expand the industry leading position, and increase in commercial fields development, development of central air conditioning, large air conditioning, refrigeration and air conditioning, medical high iron temperature control, Chimney hoods etc. At the same time, the company always value technology innovation, and strongly support refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center construction, thought on the future of the company business development open up a broader space.
        "Depth breadth" has gone hand in hand, "lateral longitudinal" two wings fly together. Perhaps this is what gree electric appliances has always focused on refrigeration field, but can be eternal youth vitality, and constantly subversion market for "growth space" cognitive secret place.
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