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ShuangLu electrical successful merger ShangLing brand

        Recently, the Shanghai ShuangLu electric appliance Co., LTD formally announced mergers ShangLing Shanghai electrical appliance manufacturing Co., LTD. ShuangLu is the first listed company in Shanghai and China's most old refrigerator brand, Island hood  and ShangLing is also China's most old brand of home appliance, ShuangLu m&a ShangLing marked the Shanghai began full start old brand raised new strategy.
        Shanghai ShuangLu electric appliance Co., LTD was established on the basis of the Shanghai refrigerator factory, founded in 1979, Slim hoods main business is refrigerators. After the 1990 s after the low tide, enacted in 2002 new "rural surround city" strategy, has been committed to the development of the rural market towns. Through a series of management adjustment and capital operation, Shanghai ShuangLu electric appliance Co., LTD. Established cixi, songjiang, chongqing three production base, the production and marketing refrigerator 300 more than ten thousand sets, freezers 200 more than ten thousand sets, washing machines,  Stainless steel hoods  1 million sets. Through a series of products, channel, service, promotion promotion the innovations of the business, ShuangLu successful rural market towns roots, and with an average annual growth rate of 80% of the high speed development, so as to realize the revival of the old brand. Shanghai ShangLing electrical appliance manufacturing Co., LTD. Was established in June 1985, also is Shanghai has quite visibility of the electrical appliances manufacture enterprise.
        The ShuangLu and ShangLing acquisition integration will further strengthen the competitive power and influence ShuangLu brand, ShuangLu optimization of the allocation of resources, strengthen ShuangLu towns in the rural market leader position. Glass hood  ShangLing will also serve as ShuangLu complementary brand a broader market development and strategic expansion, so as to further increase the ShuangLu share of the market. Restructuring of the group after ShuangLu ShangLing two goals in the ascension brand awareness. ShuangLu ShangLing chairman ChenQuanMiao with the words, that it was from spelling out of price war, developed the marketable products, investment brand promotion.
        In recent years, Shanghai government key support a number of local old brand development, ShuangLu is the old brand representatives of the resurrection. Shanghai the sasac, vice secretary of party LvYongJie said Shanghai many old state-owned brand are now on integration. ShuangLu and ShangLing has glorious past.Chimney hoods  The original of Shanghai electric its ShangLing brand the through acquisitions, become ShuangLu and songjiang Shanghai joint venture brand.
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