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2011 years of gree electric appliances happiness is like a flower!

      The debt crisis has not yet subsided overseas market is still low, a Chinese home appliance giant beautiful massive layoffs of news, more public to the economic crisis detonated anxiety, worry the 2009 financial crisis caused widespread unemployment situation in manufacturing repeat itself. Have the person, house electric appliance in China after all in a cold, 2011 is the "home appliance winter".
This two days on the coast of south China, the temperature reached the lowest of the zhuhai winter, the average temperature straight down to 10 the following,Island hood the huge air conditioning city--the gree electric appliances are still hitting its stride, workers working overtime cast production, beaming gree person was asked if year-end bonus when just looked radiant, gree electric appliances DongMingZhu President is direct: "don't feel cold winter gree electric appliances, gree people very warm."
      2011 years of gree, is happy.
      The 2010 gree electric appliances three core technology global starting, will China air conditioning technology level pushed to the world leading position, win the world respect; In 2011, gree electric appliances to join "R290 environmental protection cold media air conditioning," "multi-function one floor heating household central air-conditioning," "high efficiency dc frequency centrifugal chiller" 3 big "international leading" technology wonderful appearance, marked the gree electric appliances in the central air conditioning core technology research and development on the already firmly grasp the global air conditioning industry discourse, domestic, commercial all flowering.
      Gree electric appliances ZhuJiangHong chairman proposed the "science and technology enterprise, the enterprise save the quality, efficiency and enterprise" strategy, the independent innovation as the business, in the technical research and development expenditure on unlimited. So far, there are seven of technology to achieve "the leading international" level, Slim hoods  has more than 4000 patents, in 2010 alone 800 items of to apply for a patent, average every week 15 of to apply for a patent. It is based on technology innovation highly, gree electric appliances's earnings and realize the tax for robust growth.
      True in 2010 revenue of $60.8 billion, based on the first three quarters of 2011 total business income more than 64 billion yuan realize, super last year; Net profit of 3.773 billion yuan, profit margins, more than 5%; Cumulative tax 16.477 billion yuan, nine consecutive years in the Chinese electrical appliances industries tax first; Family expenses air conditioning production since 1995 in China for 17 years air conditioning industry first, since 2005 for seven years in the world.
      The market is rapidly changing, in the market do not expand under the condition of the enterprise growth, just can reflect the value of the brand, the more in times of difficulty, can show the charm of the brand.
2011 years of gree people, is happy.
      In early 2011, guangdong provincial party committee secretary wang Yang put forward the concept of "happiness guangdong", then become popular vocabulary. DongMingZhu said, the first to create a happy gree.
      With the rapid development of gree electric appliances expansion, gree people salary treatment also has increased, in 2011, a line of gree workers salary has already been up to 50000 yuan. And according to a certain talent market of guangdong "issued by the 2010 pearl river delta enterprise salary survey report, mould industry a staff of the average salary is 18948 yuan, electronics industry production line a staff salary for 15468 yuan. Stainless steel hoods  DongMingZhu smile said: "this year will also rise year-end bonus."
      Every year Spring Festival, gree electric appliances are organization staff team train tickets, ensure employees the Spring Festival can go home. A 90 gree after expounded the definition of happiness employees: "happiness is when other factory jobs to the villagers are anxious for the ticket, paralyzing, we philosophically assured to work, waiting for the company to help set a ticket home!" Happy so simple.
      Gree electric appliances public commitment, no matter how difficult in the case, all will never layoffs, and won't abandon any employees. Also because of this, in 2012 and the coming 80000 gree people work together to build the gree electric appliances this replica of Noah's ark.
      Gree electric appliances infinite broad development prospect employee with the infinite hope. 20 years time, gree electric appliances have established a set Glass hood  "choose, to foster, use and leave" talent cultivation system, as the gree electric appliances force the cadre troop, mostly from basic training.
      The gree in dry nearly 10 years of two is all that factory said: "in such a steady development of the company, as long as I work hard, there is an opportunity, can grow, and they can see hope, need not worry for the future, and this is what I want security."
      Indeed, one of the important factors happiness from the expectations for the future of, also is the premier wen said "confidence". Gree electric appliances to the healthy development of employees bring not only "happiness" now, and "happy the future." And this may be the most important.
In 2011, gree air-co consumers also happy.
      Based on the core technology of gree electric appliances well-grounded, gree in 2010 on the market many technology, function and appearance of the leading air conditioning products, Chimney hoods such as U series, I series frequency conversion air conditioning, let consumer walk in the forefront of the fashion trends, the international quality transparence service.
      2011 years before 315, based on its own technical and quality of confidence, gree electric appliances to take the lead in the industry announced that, in the air conditioning the warranty 6 years, and on the basis of the implementation of the "frequency conversion air conditioning in a free replacement" service policy, again will service standard gives a class, drew in succession to follow up with.
      "The development of the enterprise need to consumers as their life." DongMingZhu said: "the gree electric appliances why will put forward 'frequency conversion air conditioning 1 year replacement', is responsible to consumer, in order to bring better products, leading the industry to improve product quality.
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