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Gree electric appliances deduce "happiness" true meaning

      Looking back the past 2011 years, the word "happiness", each one of us is still in a busy social life, inner been expecting pursuit. How to improve the national "happiness" and "happiness index", which is a government department to exploration and practice topic, also, how to make people happy? Also be many enterprise dedicated to and problems to be solved.
      About the meaning of happiness, one thousand individuals have one thousand personal reading. And in many enterprise employees eyes, happiness may be so simple: when big hard work, can eat to a delicious meals; When the hard-working one day,Range hoods  can lie in the dormitory spacious and comfortable bed loosen body and mind; When I spent many efforts to complete a task, can get leadership certainly and praise; When sick, side have a family to take care of, colleagues care, love, a leadership concern...
      These "happiness", in the pearl river delta in the gree electric appliances, is within reach: spacious canteen, dormitory and staff of the comfortable when family members leadership...
      In 2002, at the age of 19, CaoYun (a pseudonym) with their own dreams and pursue come to zhuhai. Because there is no good at something and highly educated, has not found a satisfactory work, when he felt very much depressed, gree accepted him. Just enter the company, he was assigned to do picking movement. Gree electric appliances encourages employees to learning, rushed to the atmosphere of progress infected his deeply, in October 2003, because the job excellent performance,. He was recommended to zhuhai quality technology supervision bureau and training to learn driving a forklift. Soon, he was to get driving license and forklift profession, became a forklift driver. In April, 2005, in the company of the opening of the atmosphere and the leadership encouragement, he bravely enrolled in CCTV "to challenge?" and finally gained the first prize. Cooker hoods Standing on the stage in to accept the award, CaoXiangYun very proudly told the national audience: I come from zhuhai gree electric appliances, as gree people, I thank the company provide me with the platform, I want the gree people got the rigid spirit show come out!
      Not only that, such a platform also belong to each have the desire to do better, and the pursuit of the ideal and young people. ZhuQing (a pseudonym) at first is a laid-off workers, in August, 2004, gree electric appliances as a social sense of responsibility of recruitment unit has, the zhuhai held a large laid-off women recruitment, she with their own hard work and plain from more than one thousand people in the stand out. Into the gree, she was assigned to the general assembly branch empty 16 line. Stable state let a family of three live a happy little life. However accidents will happen, an accident took the life of her husband, she engages in a lawsuit to the carrier and the time shift work can make her can't very well to take care of the children, a factory in empty leadership learned that her family situation, take her out of the original pipelining arranging to only to work days accessories group work, and took her to the consulting company legal adviser, the hope can help her legal case a force, President DongMingZhu learned that her case, a set of special permission houses let her live.
      From different shifts to only to work days, legal advisors to help, to live in the company of the houses, ZhuQing feel the gree harmonious labor relations and thick and flavor.
      Looking at the moment, the have a voice in the quietly to grow, think in the foreseeable future within a few years, or even in 2012, the Chinese home appliance enterprise will encounter cold winter, and at present there are some enterprise has a problem, Kitchen hood even burst of mass layoffs phenomenon. In the intense competition household electrical appliance industry, not only do the gree sales and the benefit growth, still can further, let like CaoXiangYun, HuangYanShan such many, many ordinary employees can intimate with happiness, realize the harmonious labor relations, it all, gree is how to do it?
This and long committed to providing the gree fine development platform for rapid growth of employees is relationship.
      20 years time, gree electric appliances in a people-oriented management philosophy, in fair, open, the principle of fairness, established a set their own "choose, to foster, use and leave" talent cultivation system, and form the moral character, integrity and preferred candidate for the mechanism, "almighty, YongZhe next" in the internal mechanism of promoting and of the survival of the fittest competition mechanism, in the scientific research, technology, management, production, sales, and other fields train and bring up the large quantities of talents. Exhaust hoods In addition, through the gree career planning, internal training and all kinds of material and spiritual incentive mechanism to build business development platform for the employees, provide the broad space for development, and honour, love, only, make the priciples. The industry of widespread is a story, a domestic air conditioner manufacturers have personally led headhunting boss in zhuhai to live for a month, hope to dig a batch of technology from the experts and senior management personnel. But, a group of people finally turned up nothing.
      Another, and to create the first-class work force treatment and living environment and prosperous life let staff having relationship.
      In early 2011, the guangdong provincial party committee secretary wang Yang put forward "happiness guangdong" concept, and immediately became popular vocabulary. DongMingZhu said, the first to create a happy gree. In her eyes, wait for workers to for a raise in salary, asked to solve the housing problem, "this means that your enterprise culture and the environment is very bad."
      Gree electric appliances not only for employees to create the soft conditions, but also offer higher than the industry average salary welfare treatment, the creation loose and comfortable working environment and so on hardware conditions improve employee reality cohesive force.
      In 2010, a line of gree workers earning 4.5-48000 yuan. And according to a certain talent market of guangdong "issued by the 2010 pearl river delta enterprise salary survey report, mould industry a staff of the average salary is 18900 yuan, electronics industry production line a staff salary for 15400 yuan. According to information, gree employees in recent years year-end bonus extend standard also along with the development of the company and ascension year by year.
      To ensure that the physical and mental health of employees, gree company and its complete air conditioner production base strictly according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standard civilization, safety, pollution-free pollution, Vent hoods clean production, and to carry out 6 S management and field management, guarantee the production base capacious and bright, clean and beautiful environment, gree in efforts to create a good for employees of scientific research, manufacturing, production office environment and excellent learning, living environment, to ensure that employees and happiness.
There is a reason, gree always on creating a "people-oriented" enterprise culture improve employee well-being.
      Enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise, is the enterprise vitality of the inner source. Gree President DongMingZhu think: "improve employee well-being, not only on one hand to give employees to create a good life, work, and growth environment, give employees a stable expected, more important is spiritual things."
      In the gree, you can see very welcome enterprise culture construction, the staff each and every step of the growth, blend in the enterprise development planning in. There, can not only see the dawn art group, such as copper band, calligraphy and painting association, English association, run the march of rich and colorful civic culture activities, also can see calligraphy, painting, composition, debates, photography and all kinds of labor skills mock competition; Island hood  There, not only has the industrious guileless, gree loyalty friendly, also has the gree people beyond enterprising and lofty sentiments ambition.
      Finally, the important thing, gree can give employees a guarantee happiness for the future development of expectations.
      In recent years, gree grasp core technology, and in the international refrigeration industry with the right of wielding increasing influence; Slim hoods  Air conditioning products in green energy conservation and environmental protection high-tech development direction, subject to market favor, more by the attention of the party and state leaders.
      In November 2010, premier wen jiabao inspection gree say: "you create so many leading international, the world first, show that the technology progress in the enterprise first. I wish you in the air conditioning field always maintain leading position,Stainless steel hoods not only in China but in world always maintain leading position!"
      In 2010, gree realize business income more than 60.8 billion yuan, the first three quarters in 2011, it has realized the gree revenue exceeds 64 billion yuan. Glass hood In 2011 the first "of China create BBS" on, gree electric appliances President DongMingZhu draw the outline "gree electric appliances" development plan: in "1025" programming, to realize industry upgrading and realize the core technology of the breakthrough and undertake more social responsibility and industry responsibility. In "1025" at the end of the tax year to 10 billion will be realized; In "1025" programming to rally more and more excellent talents, to make us a line 80000 employees more than 90% to college or above level, with the gree electric appliances gathered outstanding talented person, not only for China to the world, we also for global development make the greatest contribution.
      Gree electric appliances infinite broad development prospect employee with the infinite hope. The gree in dry nearly 10 years of two is all that factory said:Chimney hoods "in such a steady development of the company, as long as I work hard, there is an opportunity, can grow, and they can see hope, need not worry for the future, and this is what I want security." Staff common words, but says the gree create the true meaning of happiness.
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