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Gome: makes the Chinese electrical appliances industry of myth

        Gome spread all over the country more than 40 city, with 1685 outlets in the fierce competition in the market, firmly occupies a leading position in the electronics industry, creating thousands of home appliance store stores in myth, Range hoods become famous the world of Chinese nation brand.
        Gome group in the nearly 300 large and medium-sized cities have retail outlets many 1300. In 2003, in 2006 gome successively in Hong Kong, macau opening, taken the Chinese electrical appliances chain retail enterprise internationalization the first step; 2004 gome market successfully in Hong Kong; In January 2007, GOME electrical appliances (GOME) and China's third largest electric retail enterprise yongle electrical merger, December, Cooker hoods  full custody large and medium-sized appliances; In March 2008, holding Co., joint, become an internationally competitive national retail chain enterprise. Earlier this year, in the United States by deloitte service company and STORES Media release "the world top 250 retailers, gome ranking 86 bits, and to be the home appliance retail channel the first brand. In by China enterprise brand research center issued C-BPI (China brand index) that list, gome glory "2011 annual DianQiCheng first brand".
        Gome as the nation's largest retail industry leader, insisted the small profits and quick turnover, rely on the group as a whole purchasing ability, make low-cost electrical home appliances products. As early as in 1990, gome is to create new marketing mode, from middlemen, directly from the manufacturer underwriting customization.  Kitchen hood The move greatly reduce gome purchase cost, make low price strategy to effectively implement. In 1992, the country will be in Beijing unified naming all shops for "gome", forming the earliest Chinese chain prototype for future group purchasing large sheet to provide more favorable conditions. In April, 2007, gome group and haier signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the total amount as high as 10 billion yuan,Exhaust hoods  and the Chinese electrical appliances in the history of the largest manufacturer one-time cooperation projects.With the 2011 new ERP system success switch, gome group information degree will have a qualitative leap, the group purchasing ability will be more outstanding, create more low-priced products for consumers.
        Gome electrical appliances retail industry as China the pioneer and leader in the increase consumers' quality of life,  Vent hoods promote the industry to change and improve the competitiveness of the industry will continue to play in the important effect, making the country the will and strength of the people trust preferred brand.
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