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Gree electric appliances: do high society sense of responsibility of the enterprise model

      For many years, gree electric appliances have been keen to public welfare undertakings, and in the social relief, education assistance, medical and health, sports business areas such as gree figure left. According to statistics, gree electric appliances already accumulative total to social and public welfare donations exceeding 100 million yuan. Go out of the country, gree also has received the "responsibility make love on" dedication, hopes that more people can share the gree development efforts, especially those who live in the bottom of the poor.
      Brazil gree on 25 January visit once again of the state of Sao Paulo is located in a reconstruction of slum palmer Joel poor school, for school construction in volunteer activities, and thoroughly local clothing and food donations slums.Island hood   In July last year, Brazil gree had to this school donated air conditioning and electric heaters. The Chinese New Year in the dragon, to help them improve their teaching environment, is the best of the students here poverty for New Year gift.
      Gree is always the model of social responsibilities, gree in Brazil, for example, got a positive social benefit and good enterprise benefit. According to relevant disclosure data shows, gree Brazil for Brazil local company provide a lot of jobs, has now realize localization rate employees above 95%; The accumulated the Brazilian government tax 450 million reais ($287 million), the total staff for Brazil issue salary and benefits of about 45 million reais ($28.74 million), effectively drive the local residents income. In addition, the company also to donate the gree Brazil, volunteers, rebuilding the form such as to schools, welfare homes, many times FangBaoDui institutions such as public service provided.
Gree why can do so generous? What forces to support the gree can long to do so? At the press this, it seems, is the height of the gree electric appliances social responsibility consciousness design. The success of an enterprise, cannot leave the best product quality, but more from enterprise be bear and give full play to its social responsibility.
      The so-called social responsibility is to point to an organization of social responsibility. An organization should be a beneficial to the way business and management. Normally, if a enterprise not only for the legal and economic obligations, Slim hoods  has undertaken "pursuit of beneficial to society's long-term goal" obligations, then we can say that this enterprise is a social responsibility. And the sense of responsibility is a kind of master consciousness, the related affairs is into our obligations thought consciousness. Each and every enterprise are all of our society is the molecular components, nature of a the overall social harmonious progress and sustainable development have responsibility and obligation, the enterprise is in some respects, even plays a bigger role.
      Enterprise actively to social responsibility, and will be of the development of the society have a positive role. First, help protect resources and environment and realizing sustainable development; Second, helps to reduce the gap between rich and poor, eliminate social unrest hidden trouble; Third, also helps to solving the employment problem. Accordingly, the enterprises to actively to social responsibility also will benefit. First, the enterprise through the active participation in the charities, virtually won the incomparable advertising, the promotion enterprise's image and consumer acceptance degree. Second, the enterprise can use their capital advantages, management advantages and human resources to relatively less developed areas of the resources of the development, can expand its production and operation, gain new growth point and expand the market share.
      Gree electric appliances DongMingZhu lady once the President of media said: "a enterprise if wrong social contributed, no country has a contribution of words, Stainless steel hoods it should be said that itself is not a good enterprise. Gree as China and even the world's largest air conditioning enterprise, do their own enterprise, at the same time it can do for you??????? I think that more is give love." This sentence is the gree careers, also reflects the gree electric appliances the height of the enterprise responsibility.
      Through to the local social charity donation and actively create jobs measures such as, gree in continue to promote the localization of the management process, is also constantly into local society, to the local social development have a positive role in promoting. And with the perfect product quality and high degree of social responsibility, gree Brazilian company successfully in Brazil take root, won the Brazilian government technical supervision department, peer and consumer's highly recognized, and its market share climbed, now has become a market share of the Brazilian air conditioning brand.
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