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Electric appliance also needs a good outlet to escort the bulls socket

      Socket as a scope for a wide range of power supply device, is each family necessities, and at the same time also is directly related to the electric safety, life and property of the importance of safety electrical appliances. Glass hood According to the data show that happen every year in our country the electrical fire accounted for more than 30% of the total annual fire, which caused because of inferior socket take a great ratio. Therefore, the security problem of the electrical outlet should not be ignored.
      The bull expert says, bull socket product research and development, the selection of raw materials from the production process, after 57 way of testing procedure strictly, each procedures are up to national standards, so as to guarantee the quality of the products.
      In the selection of shell material, Chimney hoods the bulls socket chooses is German bayer high quality import PC material, high strength, good resistance to cast impact resistance, and flame retardancy, 850 degrees can not burning heat, effectively reduce the fire.
      Second, the internal process, and the phosphor bronze bull products unique fine surface nickel plating technology, can effectively resist oxidation and wear resistance, electric insulation. And the material of copper wire inside also determines the outlet and degree of the merits of the performance. Contain three very jack bull socket all equipped with three core the power cord, and the lowest allocation 25 per share root diameter of 0.2 mm high quality copper wire, the conductive good, fever small, can satisfy the long time use full load, put an end to a fire hazard.
      Although socket is small electrical appliances, but also endanger people life and property safety of the big problem. Vent hoods The bull appliances to warn broad customer draw lessons, and improve the fire protection consciousness, use reliable quality of socket products, and to form the good habit of use, security electric safety, and his family to the lives and property of the safety of on one more insurance.
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