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ShuaiBang electrical: the title of the handsome nations pride

      As ShuaiBang appliances brand image speak Chinese state JiJianDui coach sigfusson, is actively preparing for the London Olympics, let WangShaoShuai dream come true, led China to cut down the Olympic gold medal swordsman. By the state general administration of sports management center approval from the sword, named after him sigfusson international fencing club, also won the support of the ShuaiBang appliances. The club is located in the Asian games village, venue area of nearly 5000 square meters, for love this sport personage, open up one place to learn the sword, practicing sword, played sword of high-end leisure entertainment. The Olympic Games, sigfusson how to lead the national team success "the gold become hot topic.
      His national coach identity ShuaiBang electrical health connotation
      According to understand, since, although many advertisers many times to the state JiJianDui coach sigfusson offer an olive branch, but he has been busy training and competition, few endorsements brand, especially never speak of a hutch defends appliances brand.
      Sigfusson said, guided to consumers and responsible attitude, for advertisers choice, he is prudent. Through various channels, to know ShuaiBang appliances, and at last he readily agreed to serve as ShuaiBang electrical global ambassador. Range hoods Sigfusson said, the choice ShuaiBang appliances not only because its products of excellent quality, the independent innovation of enterprise spirit, the high quality post-sale service, more important is ShuaiBang electrical exclusively happiness connotation. "ShuaiBang electrical transmission concept of health and the health of the constructing kitchen space, let me very touched" sigfusson said.
      "With so many games and training, I often in the outside, Cooker hoods so I want to thank my wife, my family, no you may I have kept on less than today." Sigfusson said this week, "for this, I must through my best to let the family have healthy and happy. Every time I see a wife in the kitchen cook for me, I have special touched. ShuaiBang kitchen electric equipment for me to make a healthy, this kitchen products are good. Can I have and pure and fresh, no soot pollution kitchen, can let me and my wife can often in the kitchen cooking, enjoy the family together fun."
      The personage inside course of analysis, ShuaiBang electrical well seize the Olympic hot and consumer psychology, this is the success of the important means to realize the market sell like hot cakes. ShuaiBang electric appliance will coachKitchen hood and marketing methods, combining inheritance to improve health kitchen product value and the connotation of the brand, in a series of vehemence generous brand promotion activity, make the ShuaiBang electrical characteristics with value marketing strategy.
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