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Product Description 

The dual-fan system provides an airspeed of 600 CFM, and it has sufficient power for cleaning modest kitchens quite successfully. This is particularly feasible if a gas ring is turned on without having any pot on it or if the range hood grease trap has not lately been cleaned.

A removable filter tends to make cleaning a range hood straightforward. Get pleasure from cooking with no the hassle and danger triggered by fumes, smoke, and other airborne components with the aid of the Electrolux Integrated Range hood. Lowe's carries range hoods in a assortment of designs including smaller options like 24-inch variety hoods and 30-inch range hoods to bigger alternatives like 36-inch range hoods and 48-inch range hoods.

It sells items in the higher end of the industry, such as 36- and 48-inch variety hoods that match pro-style ranges. Most of the hoods we tested supplied from 3 to six fan speeds. They are highly successful in the capture and removal of oil and grease from smoke of each dusted and ductless chimneys.

Feature of Range Hood

Rated voltage:220V/110V

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Air flow:500m³/hr with charcoal filter

Black glass

Ceiling mounted with strong wires

Non vented recirculating system with charcoal filter

Fixed Charcoal filter

Categories of Range Hood

Installation method: Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Under Cabinet

Suction method: side draft, updraft, downdraft

Structure: wall mounted, island, slim


Packing Size(mm):605*425*440
Container loading(20'/40'/40HQ):245/515/618PCS
Gross weight(kg):15.5 Net weight(kg):14
Material: black painting steel & black tempered glass
Chimney: non
System: metal volute and blade
Air flow: 500m³/hr with charcoal filter
Switch: finger touch switch
Speed: 3 speeds sensor button
Filter: 3 layer washable aluminium grease filters
Charcoal filter
Lamp: 2 LED lamps (2X1.5W)

Optional Extras

5 layer aluminum grease filters
Oil collector

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