The wall mounted range hood is a product just developed in recent years. It is an upgrade of the side smoking machine. Its operation principle is the same as that of the integrated stove, except that the integrated range hood exhausts smoke from the bottom, while the wall suction range hood exhausts smoke from the top. The breakthrough has changed the traditional cigarette machine design appearance, the large area uses the glass material, looks like the LCD television from the front. The difference between wall suction lampblack machine and the past is that the smoking mouth is closer to the source of lampblack, and it can basically achieve the effect of removing lampblack and solve the difficult problem of cooking fume in Chinese cooking. 

The air inlet of the wall mounted range hood is closer to the source of the lampblack, which can absorb the lampblack in the first time, and can effectively shorten the rising distance of the lampblack, and the smoke exhaust effect is ideal. Because the whole machine adopts the inverted L shape design, the cooking space is enlarged, there is no sense of depression when cooking, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of head-on events.