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Saudi Range Hood with Competitive Price Supplier

Saudi Range Hood with Competitive Price Supplier

Material: Inox and Glass
Power: 160W
Voltage: 220V/110V
Motor: Aluminum/Copper

Product Description 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Island kitchen hoods. Beneath is a image of a custom vent wood hood insert above a specialist gas variety. Venting downwards has come a lengthy way in the last 20 years and is mostly used in kitchen island or peninsula circumstances. Not only do these rangehoods function well to safeguard your kitchen, they also appear stylish and desirable - adding to your kitchen decor.

Kitchen hoods are broadly classified into ducted hoods and ductless hoods. Positive aspects of this kind of range hood include saving counter space, which is important in modest kitchens, and important cooking components are conveniently situated in the exact same location.

These kinds of range hoods are generally utilised in homes. XtremeAir is recognized for creating hugely durable range hoods. The styles are enhancing with every passing day, and we can hope that in a couple of years, there will not be any range hood that tends to make this disturbing whirring sound.

Other than this, the energy-saving LED lights, and stainless steel baffle filters are there to amp up the currently rock-solid efficiency of this range hood. Keep your kitchen clear , featuring powerful circulation, a minimalist style and dishwasher protected filters.

Feature of Range Hood

Rated voltage:220V/110V

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Air flow:700-900m³/hr

900/750/600mm length

Optional black glass

Optional stainless steel/ black stainless steel chimney

Optional telescopic chimney

Optional internal recirculating system with charcoal filter

Categories of Range Hood

Installation method: Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Under Cabinet

Suction method: side draft, updraft, downdraft

Structure: wall mounted, island, slim


Packing Size(mm):(945-286)*417*510
Container loading(20'/40'/40HQ):180/388/485PCS
Gross weight(kg):23 Net weight(kg):22
Material: stainless steel & tempered glass
Chimney: stainless steel 
System: metal volute and blade
Air flow: 760m³/hr 
Switch: mechanical switch
Speed: 2 speeds push button
Filter: 3 layer washable aluminium grease filters
Lamp: 2 lamps(2*20W)
Exhaust pipe: aluminum foil

Optional Extras

Oil collector
2 LED lamps (2X1.5W)
5 layer aluminum grease filters
Stainless steel baffle filter
3 speeds push button

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