The slide range hood is a kind of machine which can effectively separate the range hood by using the technology of side air inlet and oil fume separation, so as to achieve the effect of lampblack exhaust. The side suction European range hood, the air inlet is closer to the source of the lampblack, can lock the oil fume produced in the first time, and can effectively shorten the movement distance of the lampblack rising, and the smoke exhaust effect is naturally more ideal. The patented product of side suction exhauster -- lampblack separating plate, thoroughly solves the problem of cooking fume difficult to remove in top cooking and stir frying. The lampblack separator is used to separate the range hood effectively, increase the service life of fan, and achieve the effect of lampblack exhaust more effectively. In addition, Users of Chinese cigarette machines and T-type machines must have such problems. When cooking, their heads often touch the range hood, or they have to lean back a lot, which is very uncomfortable. The side suction range hood does not have such defects. The range hood is 20cm-40cm away from the outer edge of the table surface, so that people will not have a sense of depression. It can be said that the side suction range hood completely solves the problem of meeting the range hood before. As China slide range hood supplier, we supply 30 inch range hood, black stainless steel range hood, ducted range hood, copper range hood and ventless hood.

The slide range hood is a side air intake, the air inlet is greatly reduced, only smoke lampblack, no fire. The close suction range hood with oil fume separation plate can not only absorb the lampblack, but also the harmful gas in the gas can be sucked together, especially the oil fume separation filter plate of the near suction range hood, which can be described as a great feat of the range hood reform, and its smoke absorption rate can reach 99% Above, the purification rate of lampblack reaches 90%. In the kitchen is fried pepper can not smell the smell of soy, especially suitable for open kitchen. The side suction range hood with lampblack separating plate has become a range hood which truly conforms to the cooking habits of Chinese families with its high standard removal rate and purification rate.